99% of the customers asks – What is the price of online advertising?

The answer is one – the amount of your allocated budget. Knowing your goals, audience, products and services, we offer a solution for the highest results only.

It is an opportunity to reach exactly those who are looking for your offered goods or services.

Image advertising of various formats running on Google ADS, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook networks and reaching users after they leave the site and browse elsewhere.

This process identifies the reasons why a particular page on your site does not perform its functions, as well as looks for technical or UX errors.

Facebook online advertising is a rapid and efficient method to reach a large audience or an audience according to precise criteria.

Contextual online advertising focused on B2B (business to business) sector.

It is one of the most aggressive marketing methods when your competitors’ visitors or customers are reached directly.

Google GDN, direct display advertising in portals, AdMOB network or online advertising in mobile devices (phones, tablets).

Properly and correctly configured website analytics. Arranged goals and described audiences.